Use and Care

Crystal and Glass

(as recommended by our friends at Baccarat)

By hand

Wash your glasses individually using warm water, gentle dish soap, and a non-abrasive sponge or washcloth. After washing, rinse interior of glass first, then tilt glass downwards and rinse under the faucet ending with the foot.

In the dishwasher

Wash with warm water (maximum temperature of 40C/105F) on the gentle cycle with gentle dish soap. If washed in hot water, a chemical reaction may occur that will dull the crystal, producing a milky color. Take care when loading glasses. Be sure that the glasses are firmly in place and not touching one another.

Drying and wiping

Place glasses upside down on a cloth or paper towel to drain. Delicately wipe each glass starting with the interior of the glass. Keep your thumb outside of the body and hold the glass by the stem to minimize pressure.

Always use a lint-free fine cotton towel or a linen towel. Do not allow glasses to touch when storing.


It is best not to leave wine in the decanters and to rinse them immediately after use. Decanters must be washed in warm water with a soft sponge and gentle dish soap. Store your decanters without the stopper in place to allow for airing.

To absorb any remaining moisture, roll a sheet of paper towel into a loose tube and insert into decanter for about 10 hours.

If misting occurs, pour in a handful of coarse salt and a half liter of spirit vinegar. Shake vigorously and rinse several times with warm water.

Silver and Stainless Steel

(as recommended by our friends at Christofle)

Before your first use, hand wash you silver and stainless steel pieces in warm water with gentle dish soap.

By Hand

Use a soft sponge and soapy water. Never let your silverware come in contact with bleach, so be sure your dish soap does not contain chlorine. Dry promptly to avoid spotting.

In the Dishwasher

Use traditional, chlorine-free powders and tablets. Do not use liquid or gel products, which often contain chlorine. If you use a water softening product in the dishwasher, avoid washing your silverware during the first cycle. Follow dishwasher instructions concerning the hardness of the water. Water with a high mineral content can be corrosive. Do not wash Christofle knives manufactured before 1968 in a dishwasher.


(as recommended by our friends at Gayle Warwick)

Machine wash your linens in warm water (40C/105F) and select a low spin cycle. Do not use bleach and avoid detergents with optical brightening agents. Line dry items until damp and then iron face down using the irons “linen” setting. If the item is embroidered, iron face down on a terry towel. This will allow for a crisp press of the linen without flattening the embroidery work. Never dry clean linen. For items with metallic thread embroidery, wash on the Delicate cycle or wash by hand.


Store linens in a cool, dry, well-ventilated area. Linens stored long term should be wrapped in cotton, muslin or acid-free paper.

Removing Stains

To remove difficult stains, soak the stain before washing. If possible, treat when fresh - if they set, stains may become harder to remove.