Il Viaggio Di Nettuno by Luke Edward Hall

By Richard Ginori

Brand description

The story of Ginori begins in 1735. At the time, inspired by his passion for white gold, the Marquis Carlo Andrea Ginori opened a porcelain factory which was destined to become a worldwide icon of style. 

Throughout the decades, the company has relied on the experience of the greatest Italian designers of the time: Franco Albini, Franca Helg, Antonio Piva, Achille Castiglioni, Gabriele Devecchi, Angelo Mangiarotti, Aldo Rossi… Able to combine craftsmanship, creativity and attention to progress, Ginori 1735 is internationally recognized as an expression of Italian excellence. 

Product description

Inspired by Luke Edward Hall’s love of Greco-Roman mythology, this collection speaks of a modern approach to an ancient world. Drawing from the mythological tales of Neptune and of his wife Salacia, this dinnerware, infused with color and personality, is an invitation to journey to another world.

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