Parrot & Butterflies Blue

By Laboratorio Paravicini

Product description 

A hand-painted scene of a green parrot and a butterfly with bright lemons framed by a lovely blue floral border. For more information on additional pieces in this collection please contact us at (561)655-8288.

Brand description 

Costanza Paravici and Benedetta Medici, are the incredible mother-daughter artistic duo behind Laboratorio Paravicini. Established in central Milan since the early 90s, they craft beautiful unique ceramic tableware and decorative objects. Each one of their designs are hand-painted, or hand-applied serigraphs under glaze. These delicate and complex techniques insure the brightness and everlasting luster of the colors of their creations.  

Special Information

This item is special order. Please call us for a delivery estimate.

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