Join us for an exhibition with the artist Harrison Howard. 

Harrison Howard's career has entailed extensive mural work in houses, as well as decorative screens, panels, smaller paintings and prints.  A large selection of limited edition prints & original watercolors are the focus of this showing.  Chinoiserie motifs, bird, animal & garden themes, and shells, are among the subjects available.

Work has been featured in Veranda, Architectural Digest, Tow & Country, Departures magazines among others. 

Clients include:  Mrs. Pierre S. Dupont, Ms. Wendy Vanderbilt, Royal Saudi Embassy Residence, Mrs. John Dorrance, Mr. & Mrs. Roger Firestone, Mr. & Mrs. Frank Goodyear, Kirstie Alley, Colony Hotel , Caspari Inc, Louis Sherry.

Design Firm Clients Include:  McMillen, Inc, Dorothy Draper Inc, Irvine & Fleming, Alessandra Branca, Katie Ridder, Inc.