Join us March 21st thru March 23rd for an exhibition with the artist Harrison Howard. 

Harrison Howard's career has entailed extensive mural work in houses, as well as decorative screens, panels, smaller paintings and prints.  A large selection of limited edition prints & original watercolors are the focus of this showing.  Chinoiserie motifs, bird, animal & garden themes, and shells, are among the subjects available.

Work has been featured in Veranda, Architectural Digest, Tow & Country, Departures magazines among others. 

Clients include:  Mrs. Pierre S. Dupont, Ms. Wendy Vanderbilt, Royal Saudi Embassy Residence, Mrs. John Dorrance, Mr. & Mrs. Roger Firestone, Mr. & Mrs. Frank Goodyear, Kirstie Alley, Colony Hotel , Caspari Inc, Louis Sherry.

Design Firm Clients Include:  McMillen, Inc, Dorothy Draper Inc, Irvine & Fleming, Alessandra Branda, Katie Ridder, Inc.