Delphos & Knossos

By Bernardaud

About the brand 

Bernardaud’s great artistic adventure began in 1863 in Limoges. At the time, Léonard Bernardaud, was a young apprentice in the  new porcelain workshop established in the kaolin rich region of Limoges. He quickly came to stand out amongst his peers and ultimately was made partner.

Five generations of Bernardaud men succeed him and carried out his legacy establishing Bernardaud as a major player on the French luxury and international decorative arts scene. At the helm of the company since 1994, Michel Bernardaud continues to gracefully  draw from the traditions of a heritage craft all the while encouraging innovation and emphasizing creativity.  

Product description

Designed by Olivier Gagnère for Bernardaud in 1993, this unique coffee cup and saucer shape emphasizes the taste and aroma of coffee thanks to its thin edges while keeping it hot. To celebrate the 25th anniversary of his iconic design, Olivier redesigned the pattern with new dots and pinstripes, available in 4 colors.   Paying tribute to the islands of the Mediterranean Sea and the beauty of Greece with their names, Delphos and Knossos.

Made in Limoges, France.    Capacity: 4.4 oz